Truck Driver (Xbox) Review

As everyone who knows me is aware, I absolutely love the Simulation and Management Genre; so, it is safe to assume that I was more than excited to follow the development of Truck Driver and was eager for its release. I want to begin by saying that I very rarely do reviews in the following … Continue reading Truck Driver (Xbox) Review

The Adventures of Elena Temple (Xbox) Review

Where to start with this nostalgic masterpiece from GrimTalin? From the moment you load the game up to the time you complete the dungeons you are thrown into an era where gaming was evolving at a great pace. This throwback to times gone is a nice break from the current AAA's dominating the market and … Continue reading The Adventures of Elena Temple (Xbox) Review

Car Mechanic Simulator ’18 (Xbox) Review

Since this game was first announced as coming to console's I, personally, was excited for it and kept it on my radar up until I could get my hands on it at release. This turned out to be a very long wait; and, although it has little niggles and things that could be improved on, … Continue reading Car Mechanic Simulator ’18 (Xbox) Review

Triple Trouble Dino Edition (Xbox/Win10) Review

I have recently had the pleasure of discovering a little gem of a game coming through the Creator's Collection (hoping to progress to ID@Xbox). Triple Trouble is a simple concept but one that can keep you entertained for quite some time, as well as drive you to continue to improve your technique, score and cognitive … Continue reading Triple Trouble Dino Edition (Xbox/Win10) Review

The Story Goes On (Xbox) Review

The  Story Goes On This is a simple, yet enjoyable experience. It is a nice take on the hack-n-slash/dungeon-crawler genre, without being over-complicated and 'grindy'. The game starts out with a short tutorial run, giving you an opportunity to get a feel for the controls whilst introducing you to your first playable character (more are … Continue reading The Story Goes On (Xbox) Review