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Mr + Mrs DementedSquire7

If you have made it to this page it means we have piqued your interest and you’d like to know a little more about the team behind DementedSquire.

We are a family unit with a strong passion for gaming; I will start with myself and my wife. We are a review and stream team; it helps that we have different interests in games as it means we can give a huge variety of streaming content as well as be able to accurately review games without being too biased about the genre.

Mr DementedSquire

I have been a huge fan of gaming for the majority of my life, there was little I wouldn’t play when I was younger; regardless of whether that was on the N64, Dreamcast or even Omega. I progressed onto the Xbox and PlayStation platforms when they were available; however, it wasn’t until the Xbox 360 that something really got me hooked – achievements. I have been hunting achievements ever since and started the DementedSquire7 tag for the main purpose of achievements. Fast forward a couple of years and here we are. I was introduced to a plethora of content that is available to myself and my skills through writing for the gaming industry. I am relatively new to the whole concept, but despite my short time within this section of gaming, I have found some amazing people to share my experiences with and work alongside.

The main games that interest me are huge Adventure/RPG games, as well as Dungeon Crawlers and Simulation games, like; Assassin’s Creed, Diablo, The Witcher, MudRunner, Surviving Mars and Mass Effect (with a little Forza thrown into the mix every now and then).

Mrs DementedSquire

Mrs Demented was a little later into the gaming world than me. She didn’t have the same gaming interest that I did growing up and used her time elsewhere – with the occasional game on some of the retro consoles. Her first console love came from the PlayStation, but she soon found the lure of Xbox achievements when we found each other. Since then her passion for gaming has continued to grow and now shares the experiences with me whenever she can. She enjoys playing games, earning achievements and sharing her thoughts about the games she invests her time in.

The main gaming interests for Mrs DementedSquire are FPS, Adventure and Point ‘n’ Click games, examples include; Tomb Raider, Far Cry, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Artifex Mundi games and The Sims.

The Squires

So, who’s left? Our four little Squires. We have two boys and two girls, but all four enjoy gaming and love to play co-operatively with each other and with us. Our two boys are older than the girls, and our eldest has just hit teenage years. As you can probably guess, there is quite a variety of love for genre’s in the house, but we all tend to play them together despite our preferences.

Our eldest has a love for Battle Royale and FPS, mainly focusing his time on games like Realm Royale, Apex Legends and Call of Duty. Our second eldest Squire enjoys Sandbox style games like Terraria, Minecraft and Roblox (he has just started Runescape too). The girls’ are very similar in style, Physics-based games, Singing/Dancing and Sandbox games, such as Just Dance, Gang Beasts, Human Fall Flat, Roblox, Minecraft and Just Sing.


There you have it, that is our household of gamers. We have other interests too but your not on this site for them – feel free to reach out to our Twitter page (@Dementedsquire7) where we are active daily and our DM’s are always open and welcoming, or you can reach out to us through email too (Dementedsquire7@outlook.com). We appreciate the time you have taken to read this section and hope to connect with you in the future.

Happy Gaming From DementedSquire7

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